Mainstream Media Doesn’t Care About Actual Racism As Blairite Martyrs Lose The Plot

Mainstream Media Doesn't Care About Actual Racism As Blairite Martyrs Lose The Plot

Yesterday the Insignificant 7 launched their revolt against Labour and its manifesto that handed them increased majorities at the last general election. Tellingly they won’t be allowing a “peoples vote” (by-elections) to the communities that elected them, as they cling desperately to their seats. A second referendum on Brexit still seems to be one of their main campaigning points though.

The private company officially known as The Independent Group appears to be registered above a pub in Altrincham, Cheshire and has all the charm and substance of a supermarket budget brand. Making sweeping statements without any solutions, they claim “Politics is broken, let’s change it”. Forget fixing anything, we change by not changing at all.

The website for this new venture spent most of the day crashing, but you didn’t miss much, just a begging letter for money and policies. Can they borrow a clue because they don’t seem to have that either? If they have no policies or money what exactly is the point of them you could be forgiven for thinking. This seems to be centrism’s raison d’être.

The event that overshadowed the whole thing though was 14% of the group deciding now was a good time to let the country know she thinks brown people are best described as having a “funny tinge” (or tint). Before now Angela Smith was best known for writing articles against nationalising water, without disclosing her links to private water companies.

You would think that the media parroting that people were leaving a political party because it is “institutionally racist” would find one of those people being overtly racist ON THE VERY SAME DAY something worth reporting. Not BBC News though who carried on smearing Labour as racist and anti-Semitic on their behalf without even a passing mention to Angela Smith’s transgressions. I only saw BBC’s “news” offering but I hear it was a similar story across the different channels. There is no word yet on what The Independent Groups disciplinary procedures are or if they will adopt the IHRA’s definition of anti-semitism in full.

There is still some hope yet for facts cutting through the propaganda as the video of Angela Smith’s apology had about 10x the views that the official TIG announcement video had. Although the campaign to censor social media and make sure only “approved” news is heard continues.

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